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How We Do It

You Come First

When you call Sole Law, the first thing we do is provide a consultation to understand your major areas of concern. After listening to the practical and legal ramifications your case brings or the contracts you need drafted, we set up either an hourly or set fee, depending on the nature of your case. Once you become a client, we keep you notified of your transaction or case and provide timely information to you in the time we receive it.
Our clients are very personal to us and we do our best to be available to our existing clients’ needs. With a client list built on reputation, we hope we can assist you and continue a tradition of personal attention and detail to what you need.

Civil Mediation:

Mediation is often times a financially and emotionally favorable form of dispute resolution to litigation. The mediation process involves a neutral unbiased mediator and attorneys from both sides. The mediator acts as a referee between the parties, allowing each to be heard and present its case. Unlike arbitration and litigation, most communication between an attorney and his client with the mediator occurs separately from the opposing party. At the outset, the mediator introduces the parties and makes some introductory statements. Then, the mediator “shuttles” between the two parties, often in different rooms, to present offers and counteroffers. This process enables parties to “reach a deal” without the confrontation that normally occurs with litigation.
Our attorneys, sensitive to the client and the case at hand, work with our clients to obtain the best offers from the opposing parties. Should a resolution occur, the resolution is binding. Should the parties be unable to “reach a deal”, the mediation process is not held against either party. Mediation is simply a way to resolve the issue earlier at a less costly route to the client. With experience in civil mediation, our attorneys make a cost-benefit analysis with you to help you reach that favorable deal without the emotional baggage and financial costs that can come with drawn-out litigation.

Commercial Litigation:

When an issue cannot be resolved with settlement or mediation, we can help guide you through the commercial litigation process. We cover litigation matters including partnership disputes, breach-of-contract claims, and business torts. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants and serve parties ranging from individuals to small and medium sized businesses

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